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BitCAD Crowdsale Details

BitCAD ICO will commerce on May 25, 2021 and end on June 24, 2017.

One hundred million [100,000,000] BCD as BitCAD total token supply.

The BCD token supply will be allocated as follows:

51% of BitCAD tokens [51,000,000] BCD will be distributed through the crowdsale. Raised funds will be used to the operations of the BitCAD for the next four years. This include development, administration, marketing, financial and legal consultancy, etc. Remaining, unsold tokens from the crowdsale budget will be hold and sold privately to institutional investors at a price not lower than the price of the ICO token.

20% of BitCAD tokens [20,000,000] BCD will be distributed among founders, early backers and the development team. Founders, early backers and the development team are rewarded with BitCAD tokens for their efforts, resources, and technologies contributed to the development of the BitCAD.

  • 8% of BitCAD tokens will be allocated to early backers and investors. Additional early investors will be disclosed at a later stage.
  • 12% of BitCAD tokens will be allocate to founders and the development team:
  • Vladislav Mitrofanov — Founder & CEO BitCAD
  • Andrey Printsev — Development & Architechture
  • Eugeniy Ilyushin — CTO
  • Konstantin Pozdnyakov — Development & Architechture
  • Geraklit Geraklitov — Lead Developer
  • Dmitriy — Chief Scientist
  • Farit Kadyrov — CEO Zvook
  • Gumar Kadyrov — CEO Tectum
  • Farit Ismagilove — Social research, Business Angel
  • Adel Zalyaev — Project management
  • Kristina Fedulova — Lawyer BitCAD
  • Dobrynya Churkin — Design & Identity

2% of BitCAD tokens [2,000,000] BCD are reserved for post-ICO bounties.

27% of BitCAD tokens [27,000,000] BCD will be allocated to community initiatives concerning business development, multistakeholder model, as well as academic research, education, and market expansion. During the next four years, the BitCAD foundation will allocate 27% of the initial BCD supply to third parties promoting the application and growth of the BitCAD. This budget will be held in publically viewable wallets and subjected to community scrutiny. Potential surpluses arising from this activity will be redistributed among BitCAD token and stakeholders.

A. Business development (18%)

In order to incentivize the adoption of BitCAD technology and to promote the development of early decentralized applications and business-models, 18% of the total initial BCD supply will be dedicated to selected industries and projects. This includes funding of strategic planning, project support and coin swaps as detailed below.

  • 9% — half of the business development fund [9,000,000] BitCAD tokens will be used to facilitate the adoption of the BitCAD in Tectum integrations of selected industries such as legal technologies, financial services, supply chain management, social media, online gaming, Internet of Things (IoT) and so forth.
  • 9% — [9,000,000] BitCAD tokens will be used for the coin swaps. It will exchange BitCAD tokens with crypto-tokens of other open source ecosystems, as well as app coins from dApps developed with BitCAD. The crypto-tokens and app coins acquired this way will be distributed among BitCAD token and stakeholders.

B. Academic research, education, and market expansion (9%).

9% of BitCAD initial token supply will be used to sponsor academic research, educational materials for developers, as well as promotion of BitCAD technologies and contributions to open source communities. Some of the planned activities include:

  • Establishing research labs in cooperation with high profile universities;
  • Creating tutorials and educational materials for BitCAD developers;
  • Cooperation with other open source communities such as Unix, JavaScript, Docker, Php;
  • Events and conferences to raise the awareness of the BitCAD technology and facilitate market adoption.

When does the Crowdsale take place?

The BitCAD Crowdsale will start at 12PM GMT, May 25, 2021 and end at 12PM GMT, June 24, 2021 (after 30 days) or when all 51 million BitCAD tokens are sold.

What crypto-currencies are accepted in the crowdsale?

During the crowdsale BCD are sold against Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and others.

What is the price of BitCAD tokens? What bonuses can I receive?

The BitCAD crowdsale includes four price tiers, lasting one week each, as well as an early bird bonus phase as detailed below (all times in GMT).

How can I participate?

The BitCAD Crowdsale will be facilitated on

How are the funds secured?

All funds collected during this sale will be deposited in secured multi-sig wallets. Keys to said wallets will be held by several officers and executives of the BitCAD, making it so that all outgoing transaction have to be verified by multiple parties.

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